Orange Crush Back on the Books for April

Orange Crush Back on the Books for April (Image 1)

A controversial festival is planning to return to Tybee.

You may remember the video posted to YouTube last year showing the aftermath of “Orange Crush.”

That video sparked a firestorm of controversial comments on social media sites.

Now the event is planning to return to Tybee Island—not just for one weekend, but possibly two.

You might remember in December, we told you that the City of Tybee denied the event permit because they wanted the organizer to up security, insurance coverage and clean up for the festival. So instead, they went an alternate route —and now Orange Crush is happening after all.

“You know I don't have a problem with it if it brings business to the island, and it its managed properly…”

But that's something Tybee resident Grayson Powell says hasn't happened. Now, less than a month away, the event that trashed tybee beaches last year, is back on the books.

“That many people at one time; you just kind of question, like do you treat your house like that? When you go home do you just throw your stuff all over the ground?”

It's a real concern for Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman. Last December, City Council denied the Orange Crush permit because they wanted stricter guidelines. Instead, the group got clearance to party at the pier from Chatham County.

“They issued a permit for April the 13th. So we are preparing for that and then the possibility that it will be another date, because you know it's sort of a social media driven advertised type of event.”

To keep the beach clean, the Mayor says crews will be out picking up trash, not only the day after, but during the event, to keep a situation like last year from happening again.

“We are also working with Savannah State University. I've met with their president, this isn't their event but they've stepped up and they have students that will be coming out here to clean the beach. We are trying to get students that will come out the day of the event that will be walking around; I will be there with them, walking around to make sure the beach isn't trashed.”

But it's not just about trash, it's about crowd control and crime. This year, Mayor Buelterman says they are prepared.

“We will have extra officers out here. We also have the Sheriff's Department out here working with us, as well as Savannah Chatham Metro officers will be out here with Georgia State Patrol. They are taking a little more of an active role I think this year because of the P.R. hit that we took last year.”

Based on social media, it is possible that a second Orange Crush Festival could take place April 20th as well.

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