Japanese Tsunami: Two Years After

Japanese Tsunami: Two Years After (Image 1)

Debris is still washing up in Hawaii.  Dead fish and birds are found with stomachs full of plastic.

Today marks the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami which ravaged the country.

Devastation is still being felt today.

In Hawaii, debris is still washing up on area beaches.

This debris ranges from small items such as bottle caps, beer crates and food packaging with Japanese writing to debris as big as refrigerators and even fishing boats. 

Volunteers work to pick up the debris, but experts say all of the junk has more serious and often fatal consequences for the area's wildlife.

One scientist…David Hyrenbach, assistant professor of oceanography at Hawaii Pacific University, told CNN that every dead bird he has examined in his lab have stomachs full of plastic. 

Experts also say that many fish are swallowing plastic and strands of garbage bags, which take years to break down.

They say this can have long term effects on the whole ecosystem.




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