Floating Schools

Floating Schools (Image 1)

Sea levels are rising, and flooding is becoming more common in many parts of the world.  So architects are getting creative…check out Nigeria's floating schools.

A floating school in the water community of Makoko in Nigeria…many say it is an ambitious project.  But it's a project that has to be done.

See the soil here is loose.  Also, the water levels change frequently.  A floating school was ultimately the final option.

But actually a floating building isn't really an alien sight to this community.  People who live in this fishing community have even built their homes on water.

The area, however, has only had one primary school.  The new floating construction is a welcome addition for the locals.

The floating schools will be a triangular building…a three-story structure, built as a triangular prism.  It will float on water with a base made of 256 plastic drums.  It will also be made with locally sourced wood and electrically powered with solar panels.  The floating school is designed to house about 100 students.  It even has a playground and green space.
Students should be able to attend school in the new floating buildings very soon.


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