Details Unfold in Police Chase Turned Shootout on I-16

Details Unfold in Police Chase Turned Shootout on I-16 (Image 1)

More than 18 hours after it all started – two suspects are behind bars – an officer is recovering – and Savannah's Police Chief is praising his officers for their work during a wild chase that ended in the woods, off the interstate.

It's a follow up to the breaking news coverage you saw on News 3 throughout last night.

We know how it ended – but finally we know what started this event; the murder of a Savannah teen, two weeks ago.

Marray Martin was shot and killed during a party inside a Florida Avenue home – February 24th.

Police were looking for his killer ever since.

Last night – they found him.

Anthony Parrish, 21, was hanging out on the Westside, but when he found out investigators were hot on his trail–he made a run for it.

That run ended with a police car in the woods – and Parrish in jail.

“We often talk about what if, but we train our officers to do a certain thing. And in this case, they did exactly as they were trained,” says Metro Police Chief Willie Lovett.

In this case, their training brought them to 42nd and Burroughs — chasing a silver Malibu, driven by Anthony Parrish.

“He jumped out of that vehicle along with another young man ran, and police officers ensued.”

The two split up, running in between this row of homes. Seeing an opportunity, Parrish jumped into a running patrol car and took off. He was a wanted man on the run.

But his run ended on 1-16 after a brief but wild chase.

Chief Lovett suspects Parrish would have kept driving if not for the quick thinking of an officer.

“One of the officers who was in the pursuit actually managed to put out some stop stakes and in order for him not to hit the stop sticks, he ended up off 16 into a ditch.”

But he wasn't going down without a fight. Instead of giving himself up, Parrish had another idea– this one far more dangerous.

“The suspect got out of the vehicle, began firing a weapon, striking the vehicle several times. Officers returned fire, in which the suspect was struck several times and fell there at the scene.”

But he wasn't the only one. A bullet fired by Parrish struck patrol officer Rebecca Gregory. Luckily the bullet struck her cell phone on her waist, and deflected into her leg.

“I was joking with her, but she will be ok. She is in the best condition you can be after just being fired at and shot.”

But Lovett admits, the situation on I-16 was no joking matter and could have had a deadly outcome.

“In the scope of things, the fact that someone got into a patrol car, it's not high on my list of reprimands right now. I think overall, when you look at the picture what happened and the job the officers did, I think we will be right there at the top.”

Parrish was treated for minor gunshot wounds last night at Memorial and was then taken into custody.

He now faces charges ranging from murder – for the Marray Martin shooting – and attempted murder for the shooting of Officer Rebecca Gregory.

The second suspect who ran from the original scene, Nathaniel Johnson, was picked up earlier today inside a Frazier Homes apartment by U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force after an all night search.

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