Super-sized Mosquitoes

Super-sized Mosquitoes (Image 1)

Be on the look out this summer.  Super-sized mosquitoes as big as quarters which can bite through clothing are headed to Florida 'in large numbers' this summer.

Scientists are calling them mega-mosquitoes.  It's a special breed of the nuisance bug, which can be 20 times bigger than common menacing Asian tiger mosquitoes, and they say these are 'notoriously aggressive.'

But why are they headed to Florida?

Experts say they were handed the perfect breeding ground by last year's tropical storms.

hurricanes of last year brought large numbers of the insects to the
Central and South Florida area which laid dormant eggs in the soil near
ponds and streams.

scientists are predicting heavy rainfall will come again and cause the
eggs to hatch – releasing the super-sized bugs in large numbers.

And these mosquitoes can bite through a shirt.

Scientists are saying people need to wear pants and long-sleeve shirts, but even doing that may not be enough.  Insect repellant is a must.

Also, the bite hurts.

The exact name of this mosquito is called the psorophora ciliata, or Gallinipper mosquito.

Because of their size, they can often withstand common repellents. 

But there is one positive point…these mosquitoes don't carry diseases dangerous to humans like some other forms.



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