A Blackout Baby Boom

A Blackout Baby Boom (Image 1)

Hurricane Sandy is set to spark a 30 percent rise in births this summer after October power outage left couples with little else to do.

You know, I think we all saw this coming.  I even remember commenting on this in the weather center after the storm coverage.  A similar thing happened during an Alabama ice storm of 1993.

So…back to Superstorm Sandy.

Last October, more than 8.5 million homes and businesses lost power.  This meant many were left to entertain themselves, including couples.

Now OB-GYN offices are preparing for a blackout baby boom.

One doctor in New York says they are getting really busy with phone calls and lab results and charts. 

Pregnancy rates post 9/11 soared, as they did after New York's November 1965 blackout.  But Sandy is even more significant.  Why?  Well, it took longer for many areas to recover.  Many homes were left without power for weeks.

One woman says she and her boyfriend spent two days in her Staten Island apartment while they sheltered from the storm.  With no TV or Internet, they found other ways to occupy their time.  Then in November, she found out she was six weeks pregnant.



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