Emergency Homes Fit for the Apocalypse

Emergency Homes Fit for the Apocalypse (Image 1)

Check out the latest portable shelters that can be shipped to disaster zones and built in just 30 minutes.

They are called Flat Pack Shelters, and they have been designed to help save lives during a natural disaster. 

Whether it's a hurricane, tornado or even an earthquake, many victims are left with no place to go.  They lose their homes. 

So an Argentinian architecture studio decided to build something that could help in any situation.  The company is called Proyecto 2M, and they have developed this Modularflex disaster shelter.  It can be packed for easy storage, and it only takes half an hour to put together.

It only takes two people to put it together, and a crane pops it up.  Then there is a hinge that allows the home to collapse like an accordion.

The company says six of the homes can be shipped on the back of a truck. 

The walls of the home are made from insulated thermal panels, which is similar to a cold storage room of a grocery store.

Each model also comes with electrical wiring and LED lights.  You can also get different designs, such as camouflage for the military or a red cross for humanitarian efforts.




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