End of the Rat Race

End of the Rat Race (Image 1)

Where have all the rats gone?

A few months ago, experts thought Hurricane Sandy just might do the trick and help eliminate thousands of city rats.  Well, it worked.

The rodent population has dropped.

The city's health department collects data on the rat population, and they say complaints have declined from residents.

Sandy flushed out many rats, and the storm drowned many as well.

When the storm first hit, experts didn't know if this would happen or if the storm would actually stir them up.  Officials say when water was pumped out of flooded tunnels and stations, there weren't large numbers of rat carcasses left behind. 

But there is a catch.

TV stations and newspapers have reported seeing rat infested parked cars and rats fleeing the East River waterfront brownstones of Brooklyn Heights.

Then there are exterminators like Dale Kaukeinen, who says that Sandy probably decimated the rodent population in some areas, but also simply displaced many others.

'They are adaptable. They can swim. They can move distances,' he said, citing radio telemetry studies showing that rats can move several miles if displaced by environmental conditions.

So I guess there is still a mystery. 

Only one known fact, at least one rat population perished for sure from Sandy… 7000 lab rats and mice at a New York University research facility died when the building flooded during the storm.



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