Fish are Becoming Easier to Catch

Fish are Becoming Easier to Catch (Image 1)

Are you catching more fish these days?

New study claims anti-depressants are getting into the water supply, making fish more relaxed and easier to catch.

Scientists say sleeping pills may be disturbing river ecosystems.  They claim that sedatives are turning fish into greedy, risk-taking loners.

The study watched the behavior of perch exposed to a sedative which is carried into waterways through sewage.  The sedative is a the drug called oxazepam.  It's used to treat anxiety and insomnia.  Well, they say it made the fish bolder and less social.

The fish, supposedly, left the safety of their schools and went at it alone.  The scientists say this behavior made the fish more vulnerable to predators.

Scientists say they still don't know what all of this means. 

Many similar drugs have been found downstream from sewage treatment plants as well. 

What the researchers do know is this… The solution is not to stop medicating ill people.  The solution is to develop sewage treatment plants that can catch the environmentally hazardous drugs.

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