City To Offer Free CPR Training

City To Offer  Free CPR Training (Image 1)
City To Offer Free CPR Training (Image 1)

The city of Savannah is offering free classes in Hands Only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR.

The program seeks to train six thousand people in the life saving procedure.

Mayor Edna Jackson, dressed in bell bottoms and a feather boa, announced the new initiative today.

She says the goal is to train an army of life savers in the city.  Hands only CPR is a procedure that relies on chest compressions to resuscitate someone who is not breathing.

Over the next three months the city will provide 1,000 residents with free CPR training kits which will contain a practice dummy, DVD and instructional materials. Classes will be offered at more than 40 locations across the community  Those classes last about 45 minutes. You can sign up online at



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