Blizzard of Brilliant Colors

Blizzard of Brilliant Colors (Image 1)
Blizzard of Brilliant Colors (Image 1)

What happens when you project a movie onto a live snowstorm.

Last weekend's blizzard has been turned into a fantastic light show. 

An award-winning video producer from New York simply aimed a movie projector toward the falling snow.  He used it as his screen.

Brian Maffitt videoed and photographed the effects of projecting the film 'The Lorax' into the falling snow. 
Now the photos are going viral online.  Many say the images are 'a beautiful and psychedelic take' on the snowstorm.
Brian simply says he was stuck inside during last weekend's blizzard, and he decided to try taking exposures of a snowfall.
He says he had tried using flashlights, but it failed.  So he looked next to an old video projector.  Next, he had to pick a movie. 
Brian went with 'The Lorax,' since it gives off a lot of color. 
But as soon as the wind picked up, the expected colors were lost.  Brian says it became a mix of nature and digital.  He says the results were more magical than he imagined.
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