Living Bridges

Living Bridges (Image 1)

These amazing bridges are actually ALIVE: Wettest corner of the world is full of river crossings made of plants.

This is Cherrapunji, Meghayala state in northeastern India.  It's here you will find the most environmentally friendly bridge on Earth.

Known as “living bridges,” they are grown, rather than built.  Local tribes-people use the roots of the Ficus elastica tree.  It's how the people here cope with life in one of the world's wettest places.

It takes around ten to fifteen years to grow.  Once fully matured, they are so strong they can be used to transport heavy loads and support the weight of dozens of people at a time.

Some of the bridges have been in use for more than one hundred years. 

Because it rains so much here, a normal wooden bridge would quickly rot.  The local people had to find a way of creating river crossings that would last.  The root bridges do not rot, and they are topped with flat rocks to make crossing easier.


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