Wesley Franklin’s Mother Speaks Out

Grand Jury Indicts Franklin Murder Suspect (Image 2)

A 21-year old firefighter shot and killed by a robber's bullet.

been almost 7 months since Wesley Franklin was murdered, and while
police released a video soon after the shooting, we've had no names, no
new information, and no suspects since.

June 25, 2012.

It's a day and night Delane High will never forget.

Woken up and brought to a Sandfly bar, only to see her son shot, in pain.
A wound that would eventually kill him.

Delane's pain remains to this day. Pain that will only go away when her son's killer is found.

“What have the last 6 months been like?”
“Hell.” said Delane High.

Hell for Delane High, all because of this man, the suspect in her son Wesley Franklin's death.

“Somebody knows, somebody knows,” said the emotional High. “I feel that real strong in my heart.”

Her heart was broken the day Wesley died.

And the healing can only start when his killer is found.

A killer that Delane says police are telling her nothing about.

“I get the same story all the time. I don't know. No news. I don't know. Nothing new,” explained Delane.

“How tough is that to deal with every day?”

“Pretty damn tough.”

Tough for Delane to deal with, especially as Savannah-Chatham Police tout their decades low crime numbers.

its so damn low then start looking some more,” said a defiant High.
“And I think I need more effort and so does everybody else that they
can't find their killers. Not just Wesley but everyone else.”

While everyone has given her support, Delane says one man has gone the extra mile. OC Welch.

“If he would not have started with his commercials Wesley's case would have died out. And I felt like I had died again too.”

Delane is alive and ready to try and make a difference. Spearheading a
crime meeting next week on the Southside so everyone can speak out.

we don't get involved Savannah is going to someplace that I think about
moving from someday, and I've been here all my life,” said Delane.

A life that isn't the same without Wesley in it, or a killer out of it.

last text for Wesley was like 11:20. I love you Mom. I hope you sleep
well. I (texted back) will. I love you too. Be careful.”

don't have to tell who you are. All I'm asking is, he would have saved
your life walking into a burning fire. Please give us closure and help
us find this killer.”

Police say the suspect in Wesley Franklin's murder at Deb's Pub and Grub.

Police say he is in his mid 20's with short to medium hair. he's between 5' 8″ and 5' 10″  tall and weighs about 175 lbs.

if you think you can identify him, call Crimestoppers at 912-234-2020.

Remember thanks to various donations, the reward for information in this case is almost $26,000.

you would like to take part in the Southside open crime forum, its
Monday night at 6:30pm at the Moose Lodge on Norwood Avenue.

Everyone is welcome and welcome to speak.

Delane has invited various ranking members of the savannah police department to that forum.

Chief Lovett turned her down, and several other have said they had previous engagements.

She hopes other officers will come and hear what folks have to say.

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